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District Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2024


Present on Zoom: Jon Sebasco [LR; ADA], Derek Mercier [Concord], John Kneeland [NMHLL], Matt Petersons [Suncook], Mark Hebert [TNLL], Jeff Ross [UIC], Nik Uhlir [Portsmouth], Jenna Raizes [Portsmouth], Frances Rowley [Laconia], Sav Huskey [Rye], 
Tiffany Faulhefer [ADA], Kathie Lynch [DA]


Zoom meeting called to order at 7:45 pm. 

ADA Appointment: Kathie introduced Tiffany Faulhefer as joining the District Board as an ADA along with Jon Sebasco and Matt Petersons.  Any other volunteer in your league who is interested in serving on the district Board please let Kathie know.


November 2023 meeting: Nik Uhlir moved, Jon Sebasco 2nd to approve the minutes of the November meeting as distributed; no discussion; all approved.


1.     Kathie reported $1631.94 in district account.

2.     Expense since last meeting was for PCA partnership [$3600.00].

3.     Pending fee of $197.92 for moving URL host of website to Go Daddy to make it independent of blue sombrero and allow for easier searching.

4.     District tax return to be e-filed this month [district FY is 1/1-12/31]

5.     League fiscal year ended September 30; if not already done be sure to:

a.     File league financial report with LLI using the file cabinet in the data center.

b.     File the annual report with State of NH Attorney General’s office along with $75.00 for your league [this can be done online]

c.     File tax return [EZ post card or return] with IRS no later than February 15, 2024

d.     If you have employees or contractors that were paid more than $600.00 be sure to send out W2’s [employees] or 1099’s [independent contractors] by January 31.

PCA Workshops

1.     Two dates selected for Interactive workshops for coaches are Tuesday, March 12 in the evening and Sunday, March 24 in the mid-morning. Waiting on confirmation of locations and then will advertise. Leagues encouraged to send as many coaches as possible [NB: this can serve as the required coaching clinics as part of your ASAP plan] from baseball and softball programs.

2.     Kathie will contact PCA to set up classroom workshop with tentative date the week of April 8.

3.     Kathie will share with PCA the first and last name and email address of league presidents to provide access to partnership materials on the web.

MLB Contact: Per request of Dan Velte in Williamsport Kathie will serve as contact person for NH for league activities with MLB programs. Many leagues already have relationships with professional baseball teams and are encouraged to use them as well. As information is sent she will distribute out via email.

Sports Connect

1.     Due to the regulation 2 change on boundaries for players league age 4-7 in 2025 LLI will begin a Central Registration process.  This will require all leagues to use Sports Connect platform for registration [and website] beginning in 2025 season.  There is much that is unknown about not only the regulation change but also how this new process of registration will function.  Email Kathie with any questions your league has about Regulation 2 and how it will work regarding player registration for league age 4-7 [what site to register, how leagues notified, etc.] and how Central Registration will be rolled out [along with question of pilot/beta testing].

2.     Write a league summary including information about the league president for posting on the district website. There should be a short statement of the league, its boundaries, programs offered, and call for volunteers needs.  Any changes to the league URL should be included so that the site is current. I’d like this information by the end of February.


1.     Regional and World Series dates for 2024 have been published [attached to email with these minutes].

2.     Kathie will work with Matt Petersons to nail down the district championship dates once Vanessa confirms the State dates for 8-10’s and 10-12’s and once decided will publish on website.

3.     Dates for 9-11’s and Intermediates are generally delayed pending registrations in those divisions but must be completed before the published dates on the tournament calendar.

Safe Sport

1.     When updating Safety Manual be sure to add with the Child Protection/Volunteer/ Background check section that effective 2024 ALL VOLUNTEERS must complete, EVERY YEAR, a child abuse awareness program.  This means that every person on your Board, all coaches, all team “moms”, all regular concession volunteers, all regular field volunteers – ANYONE who completes a volunteer application MUST ALSO complete Safe Sport Training.

a.     Kathie shared LLI permits league Board’s to determine and state in local rules the programs that will be accepted. Programs must meet the "Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017" generally referred to as the SafeSport law. 

b.     Little League recommends the Adult Abuse Awareness program offered by USA Baseball and available free via the LL website. 

                                                        i.     There is now a process for leagues to register with USA Baseball to keep track of which volunteers have completed the USA Baseball program online. Kathie will resend the email with the directions for this process to league presidents. LOOK for this email if interested in using this system.

Prepare and Play Resource Guides on LLI: LL is strongly urging leagues to access and use Prepare for season preparation and Play for season operation in assisting leagues to run smoothly. These, and most LL resources, are online from the LL website in LL University.

T-Mobile Grants: Beginning January 11 families can apply for T-mobile grants to cover registration fees. As there is a set amount of financial resources available on a first come basis leagues are encouraged to post registration fees, begin the registration process, and advertise this grant – especially to known families with need.

Softball Meeting: A meeting with the regional staff to discuss increasing the presence of LL Softball in NH is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24 @ 5:00 pm in Hooksett at 35 Main Street. All leagues are invited to learn about LL Softball. In addition, since regional staff will be at the meeting if you have any questions or would like to meet the staff think about joining the meeting.

League Board Meeting Schedule: If Kathie has not already attended a league Board meeting, please contact her to schedule a meeting, either in person or by video-conference. She would like to meet your Boards and answer any questions especially about League Constitution and the changes anticipated by LLI. 

2024 Round Table: Anyone with interest in attending the Round Table in Providence RI on March 8-9 please email Kathie for more information or to register. As mentioned, the district has a $250.00 credit that can be used to help defray costs. 

Umpire Training: Jeff Ross, UIC, shared the following:

1.     He will be sending out an email to league UIC’s and presidents regarding upcoming training opportunities for the 2024 season.

2.     Five volunteer umpires have completed requests to umpire at regional and/or world series events – this is a great representation from a state/district as small as NH!

3.     NH Umpire clinic tentatively planned for April 6 in the Manchester/Concord/Goffstown area with a morning session for junior/new umpires and an afternoon session for experienced umpires.  Contact Jeff if this date does not work for your league [date may be flexible] or if you require training assistance for the upcoming season.

Next Meeting will be a Zoom meeting in March after the Round Table – date TBA.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Lynch

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New Hampshire District 2 Little League

Kathie Lynch, 3 Boyan Place
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Phone: 603-396-8651

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