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District Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2023


Present on Zoom: Jon Sebasco [LR; ADA], Derek Mercier [Concord], Nik Uhlir [Portsmouth], John Kneeland [NMHLL], Sav Huskey [Rye], Matt Petersons [Suncook], Jeff Ross [UIC], Tom Wainwright [AUIC], Kathie Lynch [DA]


Zoom meeting called to order at 8:05 pm.

of January meeting: Derek Mercier moved, Jon Sebasco 2nd to approve the minutes of the January meeting as distributed; no discussion; all approved.



1.      Kathie reported $1707.38 in district account; recent credits of $400/league [missing one league’s check] and debit of $3600.00 for PCA partnership year 1.

2.      Email approval was received for a $500 contribution to the NH Umpire clinic to be held March 24 and 25. Cam Bernard has provided a letter of receipt for accounting purposes.

3.      Orders for 2023 district and state banners and pins will go in this month.


DA March Zoom Meeting Information:

Prior to the meeting Kathie was on the monthly East Region DA Zoom call. Important information from that call included:

1.      Be sure to use approved draft methods and draft options when rostering teams this season; all draft processes are explained in the LLB rulebook app.

2.      All volunteers need to have yearly background checks completed BEFORE entering volunteer duties. Remember to confirm background checks done in the data center as part of required reporting.  In addition, the LLI website has listed the background check requirements for each state – links to the NH RSA’s are on the NH link in the child protection section:


The following offenses prohibit an individual from participating:

  • Any charge, conviction, no contest plea or guilty plea, or admission to any crime involving or against a minor.

  • An individual is listed on either of the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s Centralized Disciplinary Database and/or Little League International Ineligible List.

  • If an individual has any charge, conviction, no contest plea or guilty plea, or admission to any crimes that are considered sexual in nature or listed on the National Sex Offender Registry, they must contact the Security Manager at Little League International (570-326-1921) before appointing the individual as a volunteer to participate in any capacity in the league.

  • NOTE: If an individual involved with a league, or any activity of the Little League program, is under investigation for any type of child abuse, or has a pending charge against, or involving, a minor, they must be suspended until the outcome of the investigation or pending charges are complete and the allegations are resolved.


3.      State requirements for concussion protocols are on the LLI website; search for concussions, click on the link to NH, and the NH requirements are listed as well as the link to the CDC program on concussions. The link is:

4.      Girls with Game is the focus of LLI in March; information can be found in an email recently sent to all presidents and the LLI website. If a league is offering softball or has girls/boys who want to play in a neighboring leagues softball program boundary maps can be modified for softball only purposes.

5.   MLB contacts for league outings were sent by the region to DA’s; Kathie has forwarded that email to the presidents for consideration of league outings to a minor or major league game.

6.      May 15 is the last date for “post-dated” waivers for players. Post-dated waivers are charter committee cases where residency documentation does NOT meet eligibility requirements. For example, school enrollment is enrollment on October 31 of the current school year. If you register a player who moved into a school in your league AFTER October 31 and want to use the school enrollment form for residency, then that is a charter committee case and the documentation for eligibility must be submitted by May 15. THIS MEANS IT NEEDS TO COME TO ME BY MAY 1 SO I CAN APPROVE AND FORWARD TO THE REGIONAL OFFICE. Of course, alternatively you can require 3 forms of residency dated between 2/1/22 and 2/1/23 in lieu of school enrollment in the above scenario. If you have further questions about this contact Kathie.

7.      All tournament team managers and coaches MUST complete the Diamond Leader program, print the certificate, and keep the certificate in with tournament team paperwork.  Kathie can check the progress of leagues in enrolling and completing the program [so far no completions in our district].  Part of the affidavit approval process for tournament this year will include checking for the coaching staff Diamond Leader certificate of completion in with the affidavit paperwork.

8.      Sports Connect [preferred LL webhost] has an option that allows leagues to verify residency at the time of registration. This information and the process for using was recently sent to all presidents in an email from LLI and can be accessed on LLI website.

9.      League Athletics will be ceasing as a webhost for Little League programs; if your league uses League Athletics as its webhost you will need to find another webhost; LL recommends using Sports Connect as it integrates with LL for registration, background checks, etc.


PCA Partnership:

3 workshops for the 2023 year are now scheduled:

1.      On field workshop on March 7 with Chris Fay for coaches hosted by Lamprey River was very well received.

2.   Double goal coaching workshop on April 4 hosted by Portsmouth is at the Community Campus on West Road [off Route 1 after Water Country]

3.   Double goal coaching workshop on April 11 hosted by Suncook will have location announced when confirmed.



1.      Please complete and submit any forms for combined teams [better to complete and submit; if not needed nothing lost but if not done within time frame may not be approved].

2.      League deadline for ASAP [safety plans] is April 13; please go online and submit – updates can be made as needed once submitted, if you have questions on ASAP contact Kathie.

3.      Any requests for boundary changes should have already been received.

4.      Any charter cases must have paperwork submitted by June 1 [this would be an out-of-boundary player or waiver from any of the tournament eligibility criteria]



In preparing game schedules it is important to have a minimum 12-game schedule for ALL divisions that will send a team to tournament; players must participate in 8 games [exceptions for school teams only].


After discussion with Sally [D1] district 2 will host the 8-10 and 10-12 tournaments [as already decided in Somersworth] AND the Intermediate tournament.  Intermediate tournament games and schedule will be developed once participating teams known and will start on/around June 27 with the state championship July 15 as the Regional tournament in Dover Delaware begins on July 20. Game locations will be at participating teams’ fields; those fields will provide game umpires as well. Once the final two teams known then a site for the game will be determined and the district will provide a neutral umpire crew. Leagues fielding an Intermediate tournament team must verify participation by June 1.


District 1 will host the state 9-11 tournament and Junior tournaments; Leagues fielding a 9-11 and/or Junior tournament team must verify participation by June 1.



The NH umpire clinic scheduled for March 24/25 has great registration numbers; Rob Hall and Cam Bernard from D1 have done yeomen’s work in planning the workshop. Friday evening will be a rules review and Saturday will be a mechanics workshop. All umpires and team managers [especially tournament managers] are encouraged to attend.


D2 has 4 umpires approved for regional/world series assignments – congratulations to all those assigned.


Leagues provided updates on planning to date and opening dates. Most leagues will open on/around May 6 with Portsmouth starting 4/16 [weather permitting]. So far registrations are going well and with few exceptions leagues are handling either consistent numbers or seeing increases in enrollment.


Next Meeting: Zoom on Sunday, May 7 @ 8:00 pm.  Interim email updates may be sent as new information is received from the region.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Lynch


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